Monetize Livestock Sustainability

We lead the transformation of the livestock sector by pioneering innovative solutions to dramatically reduce methane emissions. Through cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships, and unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship, we envision a future where the production of meat and dairy is not only sustainable but also actively contributes to a healthier planet. 

Reversing climate change through systemic interventions

Discover how we’re committed to fostering practices that support the well-being of animals, the environment, and communities. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future for the livestock industry.

GreenCow will enable animal producers to monetize their sustainability efforts — whether it’s the work they’ve already done or the progress they’re making toward a future sustainability goal.

ashish sonkusare

Founder & CEO of GreenCow

how it works

GreenCow benchmarks, verifies, and monetizes on-farm Methane & CO2 reductions


Baselining & Data Gathering

Gather and collect the data about the farm, animals, breed, feed, fodder, milk yield etc. This can be done by connecting GreenCow platform to existing on-farm systems. 


Select & Perform Interventions

Farm producers compare and select from a set of science-backed and approved/validated interventions through what-if and cost-benefit analysis.  The progress is tracked on our platform.



Quantification & Estimations

We use best-in-class and proprietary models and algorithms to calculate GHG emission reduction and methane and Co2 sequestration.This takes into consideration all localized parameters.



Verify & Audit Results

The results of the interventions have to be verified and audited. An accredited, third-party auditor reviews the results of each intervention to ensure protocol compliance, data accuracy, and precise quantification.


Generate Carbon Credits

The next step after the verification and audit step is the calculation of carbon credits and sequestered GHGs is the generation of high-quality carbon credits which could be traded on the carbon marketplace. 



Sale of Carbon Credits

Certified carbon assets are sold on our marketplace or any 3rd party market place, enabling organizations to reach Scope 3 reduction targets and compensating producers for their efforts.