End-To-End sustainability platform to launch interventions, verify results and realize goals.


Baselining & Data Gathering

Gather and collect the data about the farm, animals, breed, feed, fodder, milk yield etc. This can be done by connecting GreenCow platform to existing on-farm systems. 


Select & Perform Interventions

Farm producers compare and select from a set of science-backed and approved/validated interventions through what-if and cost-benefit analysis.  The progress is tracked on our platform.



Quantification & Estimations

We use best-in-class and proprietary models and algorithms to calculate GHG emission reduction and methane and Co2 sequestration.This takes into consideration all localized parameters.



Verify & Audit Results

The results of the interventions have to be verified and audited. An accredited, third-party auditor reviews the results of each intervention to ensure protocol compliance, data accuracy, and precise quantification.


Generate Carbon Credits

The next step after the verification and audit step is the calculation of carbon credits and sequestered GHGs is the generation of high-quality carbon credits which could be traded on the carbon marketplace. 



Sale of Carbon Credits

Certified carbon assets are sold on our marketplace or any 3rd party market place, enabling organizations to reach Scope 3 reduction targets and compensating producers for their efforts.

Hassle-free data collection

Automate your data collection process with bulk upload capabilities and templates that help steer exactly what data is required to start your journey

Build a central source for carbon accounting data and avoid the mess of carbon data existing in silos across farms and facilities

Unify all your sustainability data in one digital and digestible format. Storing and searching for paper documents is a thing of the past

Understand your carbon footprint

The latest climate science at your fingertips. Our carbon accounting methodology is certified by TÜV Rheinland, and is compliant with the GHG protocol.
Compare emissions across all scopes and facilities, obtain benchmarks for your industry, and identify emissions hotspots you can immediately take action against.
Customise and tailor the emissions dashboard to suit your business needs and focus areas.

Compliant and customizable reporting

Receive automated annual emissions reports that outline your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and detailed graphs on how you are progressing against your net-zero goals.

Export non-financial reports adhering to international standards including NFRD, CSRD, CSDD, TCFD.

Access communication templates or customise your emissions reporting to speak precisely to your stakeholders interests.

Set science-based targets

Choose your target setting approach and understand what you would need to achieve different reduction targets in line with the ‘Science-Based Target Setting initiative (SBTi)’.
Choose your decarbonisation targets at various scales: company-wide, geography and facility-wide.
Select and manage climate actions (a.k.a. action cards) according to your needs. Visualise an estimation of the emission reductions that each action card can promote.

Tailored reduction plan to reach net-zero

Kickstart your company’s reduction plan with our dedicated Action Cards. Simply select them and create a roadmap to reach net-zero by your respective target.
Kickstart your company’s reduction plan with our dedicated Action Cards. Simply select them and create a roadmap to reach net-zero by your respective target.
Track your progress on your dashboard and gain valuable insights with projections of your future emissions.

One-stop-shop for livestock sustainability

Sustainability is a dynamic journey, iterate on your strategy to reach-net zero.
Reduce your emissions continuously, and discover new reduction actions and low-hanging fruit to help you hit your targets.
Engage your stakeholders and employees with a communication strategy that keeps everyone informed and on-board.